Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Media Surprised at Obama's Candor

The media is surprised at Obama's candor when he spoke yesterday, which is surprising. Obama is always candid.
Then they go on to criticize Obama for not speaking up soon enough. It took Bush six days to speak of the shoe bomber. No one complained.
Obama always waits to speak. He always waits to get facts, takes time to digest the facts and then he speaks. The republicans always criticize Obama. They criticize him for taking too long, for not being forceful enough, emotional enough. It's always the same thing.
The GOP is like an old man coffee klatch. They're not trying to help in any way. They just sit around and scheme until it's time to pounce.
It's also annoying that the media keeps harping on Napolitano's "the system worked" when clearly that's not what she meant. Yes, she should've spoken more carefully, but any fool could see that the system did not work. I despise the way the media creates chew toys. It's an endless game of gotcha.

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