Sunday, December 20, 2009

Olympia Snowe on Face the Nation

Olympia Snowe is concerned about new taxes and the Class Act, which provides long term care insurance. But mostly, she seems concerned about the time constraints. Snowe wants to wait until after the New Year to continue work on the bill. Only thing is, she's the only republican who's willing to continue to work on the bill. No other republican has shown interest. The bill shouldn't get put off for one republican.

It's Sherrod Brown and Mary Landrieu vs Lamar Alexander. Republicans are complaining about working during Christmas. Frankly, I'm pleased to see these folks working during the holidays. The American people deserve something out of Congress. Democrats haven't done a very good job of getting it together (republicans are even worse) and in the real world, if you have to work during the holidays, then you have to work during the holidays. Too bad.