Saturday, December 26, 2009

Noonan: No One Holds High Obama's Flag

Conservative columnist Peggy Noonan says no one supports Obama anymore.
Noonan, of course, is the epitome of the so-called media elite, so what would she know?
I support Obama and I think he's done an amazing job in his first year. Others think so too. Read this and this. Obama is a long distance runner and every time the bar is raised, he jumps higher. He's taken on the hard issues and he's done it with enthusiasm.
Unfortunately, this year was the Year of the Wingnut. Reasonable voices didn't get heard, not when there was a media spectacle to be exploited.
Noonan oddly chooses to use unnamed sources to give Obama a boost in her column this week. Because it's Christmas, she says, and the sources didn't want to be perceived as suckups. As if she couldn't find a single soul who would go on record as saying they still support Obama. Noonan is sneaky like that:
Cannon to the left of him, cannon to the right of him, cannon in front of him volley and thunder. That's our president's position on the political battlefield now, taking it from all sides. And the odd thing, the unique thing in terms of modern political history, is that no one really defends him, no one holds high his flag. When was the last time you put on the radio or TV and heard someone say "Open line Friday—we're talking about what it is we like best about Barack Obama!" When did you last see a cable talking head say, "The greatness of this man is as obvious as it is unnoticed"?

Is the left out there on the Internet and the airwaves talking about him? Oh, yes. They're calling him a disappointment, a sellout, a DINO—Democratic in name only. He sold out on single-payer health insurance, and then the public option. He'll sell you out on your issue too.

The pundits and columnists, dreadful people that they are, call him cold, weak, aloof, arrogant, entitled.

So let's denounce him again.

Wait—it's Christmas. Let's not. WSJ