Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Decade Poem

The decade in review in poetry form. By Bill Radke:

The problem began on New Year's Day,
The year 2000 -- "Y2K."
We thought the computer response would be rocky,
And then when it wasn't, I think we got cocky.

So when the dot-commers ran into their troubles,
Well, we weren't afraid of the danger of bubbles.
We told ourselves the ensuing recession
Was all about terrorists and their aggression.

Interest rates falling to practically zero?
Greenspan's a genius, a national hero!
Enron and WorldCom were cooking their books,
But U.S. executives mostly aren't crooks.

This is a country where companies fail,
But capitalism will always prevail.
It brought us the Kindle and PlayStation 3,
And YouTube and Gmail and Wiki and Wii. Read the rest at NPR
Russia already celebrating the New Year