Monday, April 27, 2009

Most Americans Don't Want Torture Probe

Torture is wrong even if Mole Man claims it works. There are better ways to get information. King Abdullah had a smart suggestion for getting information.
But I think we're all culpable for the torture that went on. We were an unconscious nation, not paying much attention. We all heard about torture before Bush's first term was up and we elected him again. People were scared, thanks to the administration's successful fear mongering.
Our elected officials surely knew-- both democrats and republicans. Nancy Pelosi can say she didn't know anything but that just makes her ignorant because I knew and I don't even work in Washington.
Though, I do think Cheney probably deserves jail time.
CBS: According to the poll, sixty-two percent of Americans do not think Congress should hold hearings to investigate the administration’s treatment of detainees. Only a third of Americans thinks Congress should investigate. That's the same proportion as thought so in February.

Republicans overwhelming oppose Congress holding such hearings, and sixty percent of independents agree. Democrats - much like Democratic representatives in Congress -- are more divided. Forty-six percent say Congress should hold hearings, while fifty-one percent say they are not necessary.