Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gibbs Says Torture Prosecutions Not Obama's Decision

The president doesn't make the decision on prosecutions, Gibbs said on Meet the Press. Justice does. It's clear, though, that Obama wants to look forward. Eric Holder has already said that he has no intention of prosecuting CIA agents.
Gibbs said the torture memos were released because of a legal case (by the ACLU), which required the release of the memos.
He says if a review of torture is to take place, it should take place within the senate intelligence committee, which is where an investigation is already underway.
Obama doesn't favor a truth commission.
Personally, I think if there was a truth commission, they'd find everyone in Congress culpable, even Nancy Pelosi, who says she wasn't informed that people were being tortured. It's her job to know.