Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Party of Nuclear Power Plants

In the GOP's weekly address, Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee pumps nuclear power--100 new nuke plants-- and mocks Obama for not being like France's Nicolas Sarkozy.
I don't get these guys. They're just off the map.
For one, Obama isn't opposed to nuclear energy. He just says we should come up with a way to store the waste safely. Obama isn't taking any short cuts when it comes to keeping the planet alive. Republicans have a different sort of mindset. They're newbies to environmental issues and half of them--the Tea Party set-- could care less about the environment. They think climate change is a left wing conspiracy. 
Obama has already nixed funding for Yucca Mountain. Alexander says we should recycle the waste but there are problems with recycling waste. Just another plan from the republicans that's not well thought out. But at least it wasn't drill baby drill.