Sunday, April 26, 2009

48% of Americans Support Torture

America really has lost its moral compass.
This must be just run off from the Bush administration. This is why morals and ethics are more important than religion. I used to think morals and religion went hand and hand.
I can't imagine people who support torture have really thought about it much. They haven't considered the ramifications. Why not just torture alleged criminals to get information instead of having trials?
It doesn't matter if torture works. It's the wrong way (morally and ethically) to get information and it's not the best way to get information. I'll give my paying the bills analogy. If robbing a bank helps me pay the bills with money left over, does that mean I should rob the bank? No. Because there are better ways (morally and ethically) for me to get money. For those who think torture is moral and ethical, well, I guess I feel sorry for them.