Thursday, April 23, 2009

Liz Cheney Says It Wasn't Even Torture

Politico asks this:
In the debate over harsh interrogation techniques outlawed by President Barack Obama, one question remains unresolved:

Does torture work?

It’s hardly academic.
Wrong question. It makes no difference if torture works. It's wrong. On one hand it's good that we're having this debate. On the other hand, it's sad that we're having this debate.
Politico delves into three different arguments: torture works sometimes and it's wrong, torture works and should be used and torture doesn't work.
Gary Kamiya of Salon: Torture may work in certain instances but it's always wrong.
Torture is not morally justifiable. In addition, it has severe negative consequences. Once a nation embraces torture, it forfeits any claim to a moral high ground. It becomes no better than those it is fighting. It may win a battle, but it will lose the war. As America struggles to win hearts and minds in the Arab/Muslim world, the use of torture is more harmful in the long run than any "high-value" intelligence gained by its use. And U.S. torture not only builds hatred in the Muslim world, it turns our allies against us -- and erodes us from within. As historian Horne pointed out, "When the news came out in France of what the army was doing, it caused such a revulsion that it led directly to the French capitulation. And not only revulsion in France, but revulsion here. JFK, as a senator, took up the Algerian cause quite strongly partly because of the human rights issue." Horne's conclusion: "I feel myself absolutely clear in my own mind that you do not, whatever the excuse, use torture, let alone abuse."
His conclusion:
Led astray by leaders who played on their fear and anger, Americans have been deaf and blind and mute for too long. It is past time for our country to say an absolute no. No torture today, no torture tomorrow, no torture ever.
Dick Cheney's daughter Liz defends her father. Her argument: it wasn't even torture. She says the country is headed toward danger. Man, the apple didn't fall far from the tree with her. She's as disturbed as pop. Snarky and arrogant too. I'm now convinced our country was run by the wackos, the ones that we see at the tea parties. Now we know Cheney is running scared:

Part 2

Liz Cheney reacts to Meghan McCain and says Obama won because of a masterful campaign. When are these creeps going to realize they're in the sorry minority and we voted them out because  we're wiser now. We voted against everything they stand for.