Saturday, April 25, 2009

Congressman Tries Slamming Obama to Appease

This video, out for a few days, shows the depths of the anger of the tea partiers.
Congressman Gresham Barrett, a conservative republican from South Carolina tries slamming Obama to suck up to an unruly crowd at a tea party. But not even that works. They scream at him for five minutes to "go home." They turn their backs. Apparently, they were mad because Barrett voted for the stimulus.
Barrett doesn't realize that the Tea Party crowd is not just a bunch of conservatives.
This is an ultra-conservative and foul people who despise Obama and government altogether. Under Bush-Cheney, these people bred and Obama prompted them to spring to life. I'm pretty convinced Cheney is of the Tea Party. I happen to think Bush, for the time of his presidency, was largely a misguided soul in shoes too big.