Friday, October 31, 2008

What's Next for Palin?

If the McCain Palin ticket loses, what will Palin do?
CNN: But the fact is that if some people in the Republican Party get their way, she could be tested one day. Should John McCain lose the race for the White House, you can bet your last dollar this moose huntin’, gun totin’, pro-life hockey mom will not fade from the political spotlight. She’s a huge hit with a group of social conservatives who embrace her values and see her as a fresh face for a divided party… to them, a 2012 Palin run for President may be on the horizon.

But a lot of other people feel quite differently. Sarah Palin quickly became a national joke for her lack of experience, failure to grasp the issues and inability to handle herself with the media — especially those awful interviews she did with Katie Couric. Recently she’s gone off script and off message on the campaign, angering several of McCain ’s campaign advisers. She’s been called everything from a “diva” to a “whack job,” and yet through it all she remains remarkably unphased.

I actually think her days in politics are numbered, unless McCain wins. She's proven she could care less about government, and if the republican party wants to reform itself, it won't be looking toward the fringe, which Palin represents. They'll be looking past Palin. Or perhaps the republicans will suffer schizophrenia for a while. I think she's headed for a TV show. She loves the limelight.