Sunday, October 26, 2008

Are Obama Supporters Real Americans?

Iron workers for Obama
Dana Milbank takes a tongue-in-cheek look at whether Obama supporters are Real Pro-Americans. Video.
And what do you know, he concluded we're all Americans. 
Here's the story:
WaPo: Something unreal is happening here in the real America.

Two hours before Barack Obama's appearance at a campaign rally here Wednesday, they played the national anthem -- and people stood and sang. Some even put hands on hearts! In the first row sat a woman -- we'll call her Margaret the Corporate Trainer, in Joe-the-Plumber style -- wearing an actual flag pin on her shirt. "I'm American!" she said proudly. Really.

Then Obama took the stage and gave a stirring speech about those soldiers who "fought together and bled together and some died together under the same proud flag. They have not served a Red America! They haven't served a Blue America! They have served the United States of America!"

The audience took up a chant of "USA! USA!"

And these are Democrats?