Monday, October 27, 2008

One More Week of Palin

One can only hope.
How could anyone regard Palin as the new republican party? She may look young and hot but she's very old in thought and her mind is ossified. If the republican party wants to revive itself, it needs to send Palin back to Alaska or Hollywood. She's a horribly divisive woman. 
All she's got is charm and she appeals to a niche group of people. No one can convince me that this woman is remotely intelligent. And what an ungrateful woman. She brings down the republican ticket and blames McCain aides?
Here's what she had to say on an upcoming Hannity & Colmes interview:
Swamp: Sarah Palin has this to say about that half-hour of prime-time TV that Barack Obama's campaign plans to air Wednesday night.

"American viewers will go into it just understanding that it's more of the same and it's scripted, of course,'' Palin says in an interview airing this evening on FOX News Channel's Hannity and Colmes. "That goes to the heart of my concern about his lack of candidness in terms of telling Americans really, what his plans are.''