Friday, October 31, 2008

Former Klan Member Sounds Like McCain Palin Fringe Supporters

I debated with myself on blogging this but what's interesting is if you listen to this interview with David Duke, a former Klan member, you'll see he sounds just like the McCain Palin wackos we've seen at McCain Palin rallies, the ones who scream that Obama is a Marxist and a socialist.

They attack Obama with such venom that you know there is more there.

Duke sounds like Rush Limbaugh and Hannity, Palin, and the like. I've always believed that to each one of these folks there is an underlying racism that they have acknowledged privately or are unaware of. Duke is just out about it. Only he doesn't call it racism. He calls himself a white civil rights activist.

Duke's reasoning, logic and outlook on American culture is very twisted.

This is the reason why the younger generation needs to get out there and vote! We can't let these folks be the voice of America.