Friday, October 31, 2008

What if McCain Wins?

With only four days left, I ponder this. I dread this. And I try to find a way to feel okay with it.

The worst part of a McCain win would be the ugly people, the ones who've been shouting racial epithets and other horrible things at the McCain Palin rallies, would feel validated. They shouldn't be validated. They should be shamed.

McCain doesn't deserve to win after his nasty, low road campaign.

The other worst part is Palin. In reality, she's not fit to govern and is unworthy of even running. The other worst part -- there are many -- is McCain is erratic on economics.

He also seems to lack organizational skills and doesn't seem to know how to attract talent. He's got Joe the Plumber, Palin and TV host Elisabeth Hasselbeck vouching for him. That says everything. Joe the Plumber said Obama would mean death to Israel. If McCain had any honor whatsoever, that would've been the end of Joe the Plumber.

I've lived through 8 years of Bush, so I know I could hunker down for four more years of McCain. Maybe McCain, the McCain of old that everyone talks about so glowingly, would rear his head and actually do something good.

But if Obama can't win after all this momentum, after all this hope, perhaps politics isn't a means to changing anything.

Here's to hope and phone banking this weekend.