Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Palin's Spreading the Wealth Around

Only in Alaska, they call it "unique."
TP: Today, MSNBC’s David Schuster asked McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds whether Palin’s “share the wealth” plan had socialist undertones. Bounds denied the allegation, claiming Alaska’s sharing of natural resources is “unique” and not at all socialist:

BOUNDS: No, in Alaska its a unique state because all the residents there have a unique share of the natural resources, that the oil companies come in and use, so therefore they share the revenues of the resources. … Its absurd to equate sharing the oil resources that all of these Alaskans have an ownership stake in, and trying to negotiate a deal with the oil companies that use those resources that —
What McCain Palin supporters are so opposed to tax cuts for the middle class as explained by wingnut Bill Cunningham, who earlier this year called Obama a terrorist while introducing McCain. People are poor because they're fat and flatulent (video), he said. They're poor because they lack values, morals and ethics. Talk about flatulence. They've convinced themselves that people who are working to survive lack ethics. No wonder they're so interested in tax cuts for themselves. They think they're better than everyone else.