Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Obama Tax Code Will Save You Money

CNN money lays it all out.
Looks really good to me. With mccain's plan, the high income earners get the most benefit. With obama, the lower income owners get the most benefit.
People who make millions have investments and enough money to last a lifetime. There's no reason they should pay fewer taxes.
It's just fair. If more of the wealth at the top was spread around to the workers at the bottom, via wages and jobs, then we wouldn't be having this conversation. 
Here's a summary but check out the side by side comparison.
McCain: The average taxpayer in every income group would see a lower tax bill, but high-income taxpayers would benefit more than everyone else.

Obama: High-income taxpayers would pay more in taxes, while everyone else's tax bill would be reduced. Those who benefit the most - in terms of reducing their taxes as a percentage of after-tax income - are in the lowest income groups.