Monday, June 23, 2008

Obama and Hillary Campaign in Unity, New Hampshire

This Friday:
AP: The location, announced Monday, was chosen not only for the symbolism of its name, but because each candidate received exactly 107 votes there in the Jan. 8 primary. Obama spokesman Dan Pfeiffer said the campaign was still working to finalize the site of the rally, which will be open to the public.

Independent-minded New Hampshire is a critical battleground state in November. Bush won the state in 2000, but Democrat John Kerry narrowly captured it in 2004. The state also has one of the most competitive Senate races this year, with former Democratic Gov. Jeanne Shaheen looking to oust GOP Sen. John Sununu.

The Obama campaign's goal is to win all 19 states that Kerry carried and it considers New Hampshire the most competitive among them. Republican John McCain has been a popular candidate in the Republican primaries — he won New Hampshire in his unsuccessful 2000 presidential bid and prevailed again this year.