Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why Aren't Feminists Defending Michelle Obama

Good question. Maybe because she's black.

Maybe because the feminists already gave their hearts to Hillary and their hearts are so small, they have no more to give to Michelle.

Maybe because they consider Michelle too traditional --parenthood is her first priority. As far as I know, putting your children first is a good thing.

I think there are plenty of women defending Michelle. I being one. But where are the heavy hitters? Columnist Mary Curtis asks: Where the hell is Gloria Steinem? Why didn't she whip out her pen and write that referring to a woman as a "baby mama" is wrong. Oh, but that's a black issue. 

Gloria and her lot are a bunch of phonies if you ask me. They're brand of feminism is outdated. 

Real feminists respect and stick up for the rights of all people. The feminists ran a wicked campaign against Obama and like Mary, I'm tired of hearing their whining. We need a new feminism in this country. The old feminists have sold us out.

Wash Post: Michelle Obama is being demonized for things she allegedly said on tapes that are rumored to exist. She is a victim of sexism and racial stereotypes.

Just as the Rutgers women's basketball team was miscast by Don Imus, Obama is being labeled something she clearly is not. Her achievements are being dismissed.

But in America, there's seldom a cost for disrespecting black women.

I'm waiting for feminists who speak of second-class citizenship and being pushed to the back of the bus to remember the civil rights movement that gave birth to those words. After all, it was a black woman, Rosa Parks, who took her seat up front and pulled others there, too.

I'm not holding my breath, though.

As a journalist, I have stayed neutral about political candidates. But as an American, I would have been excited about the historic first had Hillary Clinton emerged victorious from the Democratic primary battle. Yet when an African American made a different kind of history, it seems that feminists can't share in the triumph.

They don't have to vote for the husband to defend the wife.

Okay, I get it: Your candidate lost. You're angry.

But frankly, I'm getting a little peeved myself.
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