Friday, June 20, 2008

Here's Why Obama Needs Boatloads of Money

There are some seriously ignorant people out there and these are people who should know better. But they are extreme and hateful and they're on the move. 

Here's the latest email I got from, which has stepped up its smearing efforts. It's hard for me to believe that people actually think like this and as we've seen in the primaries there are plenty of people who are susceptible to this kind of smear marketing. They're called "low information voters."

It seems like a joke but these people at humanevents are serious:

Keep Reading For A Sneak Preview Of Our Latest Expose Obama Commercial Which Poses the Question: "Was Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim. He says 'no,' but the Associated Press found records...."

But before we go any further... let's make one thing perfectly clear. It doesn't really matter whether Barack Hussein Obama WAS a Muslim or not!

What DOES matter is -- Can Barack Hussein Obama be trusted?

Is Barack Hussein Obama side-stepping questions about his Muslim childhood?

And if so... WHY?

Pivotal questions come to mind:

is there more information -- as of yet undisclosed -- that Obama thinks the American people would find repugnant?

if he is side-stepping questions, is it because he REALLY believes that the patriotic people of America are all GUN-TOTIN', BIBLE-THUMPIN' bigots and thus incapable of understanding the full-and-complete TRUTH?

and perhaps the most important question is, WHY DO the liberal media and other assorted Obamaniacs, scramble about and circle the wagons around Barack Hussein Obama EVERY SINGLE TIME QUESTIONS ABOUT HIM ARE RAISED?

That last question is already becoming the most important.

When we released this commercial to the media on Thursday morning, the liberal 'blogosphere' went crazy. Within hours, liberals had already put their smear-machine into overdrive. And within hours we received scores of profane (and in some cases outright menacing) calls on our answering machine.

What's the bottom line?



Please understand, the fact that you are reading this letter is an indication that, as a conservative and a patriot, you already know that BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA IS THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA!

But the VAST MAJORITY of Americans are still spoon-fed news from the liberal media... a media which still holds a virtual monopoly on what most Americans read, see and hear... a media which has already shown itself to clearly be in Barack Hussein Obama's camp!

Their new commercial
Attacks on Michelle

Salon: You'd think that would be enough to get some basic facts about the guy lodged in voters' heads. But you'd be wrong. In recent focus groups in key battleground states, participants told Democratic pollsters matter-of-factly that Obama, if elected, would refuse to be sworn in on the Bible. In one group conducted on behalf of the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center, seven out of 12 independent Virginia voters taking part said they thought Obama was a Muslim (he isn't), and some questioned his patriotism, saying he needs to prove he's "for America." That particular clump of "low information" voters was probably an outlier, but a survey in March found 13 percent of voters -- up 5 points from the previous poll -- shared their belief that Obama was Muslim. Another 44 percent weren't sure what his faith was. And e-mails are flying around the Internet with winking implications that Obama isn't really American (and, worse than that, he's African, if you know what the writer means).

As you can see, Obama has a lot of work to do and if he needs to spend oodles of money to shut McCain down, so be it.
Fight the rumors.