Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama's Arab Tendencies and His Aim to Kill Live Babies

Welcome to Dumb America!!!!
This is why Obama needs all the money he can scrape up, because many Americans are just dumb. 
Oh, how I hate saying that. It sounds so judgmental. But how else to put it? I've heard "low information" voters, but let's face it, that means dumb. 
It's ironic that these sentiments, expressed by Joy in this video, always come from Christians. Joy was informed by Concerned Women for America, who say they adhere to the Biblical principles. I've never read anywhere that Jesus spread hate. It befuddles me how their minds could be so.... limited. Poor them. 
These people's voices must be drowned out this election. They can't bring us another four years of misery under McCain. A big Amen to that. 

What the hell is an "arab tendency?" 
Obama's stance on faith and religion