Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cindy McCain Now Says Families are Off Limits

I agree with Cindy McCain but it didn't take her long to plunge a dagger into Michelle Obama when Michelle's "proud" comment was twisted to benefit Cindy's hubby.

Cindy McCain eagerly announced that she was "very proud" of her country. Turns out, Laura Bush came to Michelle Obama's aid.

Even though there is some bickering on this issue, it seems that both McCain and Obama genuinely want to keep their families intact.

That, however, doesn't stop outside groups from launching attacks and plenty has been said about Michelle Obama. Mostly her critics are irritated that she's a confident black woman, poised and brilliant. The extreme republican types are all out of sorts, completely thrown off their game. A brilliant Obama bringing hope to the nation and his lovely wife, Michelle, and they're black? OMG.

Tennessee republicans have used Michelle in ads. in fairness, John McCain denounced them but they went ahead anyway. As far as I know, Cindy McCain hasn't yet been used in an ad by democrats, though she has had her critics in the blogosphere. She's mostly criticized for being a submissive, wealthy beer heiress.