Monday, June 23, 2008

Go Obama Go

Raise boodles of money!
Heck, I just contributed for that cool new t-shirt
I don't know what all this hoopla is about -- that he "flipped" on public campaign financing. So what. Obama NEEDS the money to run a widespread campaign. How many people knew who Obama was a year ago? Not many. 
He needs to outspend McCain. Look at what happened in the primary. Obama spent tons of money in Pennsylvania and lost. Obama is still introducing himself to people. Once they know him, and they're inclined to be a democrat, they are likely to become a supporter. 
There isn't anything Obama could do that could change my mind. I know who he is. I've read his books. I've studied his stance on the issues. 
I trust his judgement. 
Do I agree with him on everything? No. I'm still uncertain about the NAFTA issue, but he's head and shoulders above John McCain. 
He's smarter than people know, constantly outwitting everyone. 
But the bottom line is Obama cares about the poorer among us, in the tradition of JFK and Martin Luther King. He supports a bottom up democracy. From there, all he needs to do is surround himself by talented and brilliant people and we're on our way.