Monday, June 16, 2008

Obama and Gore Rally Michigan

It was good to see Al Gore walk out with Obama and let's hope Gore gets appointed the Green Guru in Obama's administration. I'd like to see Hillary as the Healthcare Guru. We would surely be on our way.

Gore first said we need to respect John McCain. But his policies are wrong. Next, he pointed out how the Republicans attacked JFK for being "young" and "inexperienced."
Gore focused on Obama's relative youth as an asset, referring to Obama as "young leader," who is leading a movement of change.

"Take it from me elections matter," he said, highlighting the ways in which Bush's policies have affected many people in a negative way.

If you live in New Orleans, if you or a family member is a soldier, if you lost your job, if you bought tainted pet food from China... elections matter, he said.

Gore said he argued against the Iraq invasion and remembered that Obama, too, spoke out strongly against it.

Obama thanked Gore for working on making the planet better. He thanked Tipper, Gore's wife. He lavished praise on Gore for his accomplishments and foresight to recognize our dependence on foreign oil.

It's thanks to Gore, that environmentalism isn't just for do-gooders anymore.
"When I am president I will be counting on Al Gore," to lead the fight for clean energy, he said.

Obama said he and Gore share the view that change happens from the grass roots.

Anyone notice how Obama weaves his faith into his rallies and speeches without seeming slimy or manipulative. George Bush wielded his faith like a weapon and then carelessly used it to make judgements and important decisions. The republicans hijacked faith last election.

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