Tuesday, June 17, 2008

McCain Sucks Up to Texas Oil

McCain is just wrong on energy. The only things McCain has to sell is a war and tax cuts for the rich. That's it. It's apparent that these Texas oilmen have only one interest: making money. McCain's drill here, there and everywhere energy policy has already been debunked by experts as no solution at all.
AP: ..."Tax relief just isn't change he can believe in," said the Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting, mocking his opponent's campaign slogan.

McCain's bid to chart a middle course on a major issue hit a bump, though, when he criticized Obama for proposing a windfall profits tax, despite saying last month he would consider the same proposal.

In a speech in energy-producing Texas, McCain said the United States needs more oil than during the Arab oil embargo of the 1970s, yet produces less. Now, he warned, a single successful terror attack at an oil installation could plunge the country into an "economic crisis of monumental proportions."

With President Bush's poll ratings at historically low levels, McCain often emphasizes his differences with the current administration, and he coupled his speech with the release of a new television commercial stressing an issue that appeals to environmentalists. more

McCain responds.