Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Romney's VFW Speech Makes Some Bold Claims

Updated with partial video of Mitt's speech.

Yesterday, Obama spoke in Reno at the VFW convention.
Today, Romney will speak. Judging from his speech excerpts, he's going over the cliff. He's going to say Obama intentionally leaked classified information to reporters for political gain. I hope he has some facts and people to back himself up. What I wonder about Romney is when he's going to start talking about his policies?

An excerpt:
It is reported that Bob Gates, the President’s first secretary of defense, bluntly addressed another security problem within this administration. After secret operational details of the bin Laden raid were given to reporters, Secretary Gates walked into the West Wing and told the Obama team to “shut up.” He added a colorful word for emphasis.

Lives of American servicemen were at stake. But astonishingly, the administration failed to change its ways. More top-secret operations were leaked, even some involving covert action in Iran.

This isn’t a partisan issue; it’s a national security crisis. And yesterday, Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said, quote, “I think the White House has to understand that some of this is coming from their ranks.”

This conduct is contemptible. It betrays our national interest. It compromises our men and women in the field. And it demands a full and prompt investigation, with explanation and consequence. Whoever provided classified information to the media, seeking political advantage for the administration, must be exposed, dismissed, and punished. The time for stonewalling is over.

It is not enough to say the matter is being looked into, and leave it at that. When the issue is the political use of highly sensitive national security information, it is unacceptable to say, “We’ll report our findings after Election Day.”

Exactly who in the White House betrayed these secrets? Did a superior authorize it? These are things that Americans are entitled to know – and they are entitled to know right now. If the President believes – as he said last week – that the buck stops with him, then he owes all Americans a full and prompt accounting of the facts.

And let me be clear: These events make the decision we face in November all the more important. What kind of White House would reveal classified material for political gain? I’ll tell you right now: Mine won’t.

Read more at TIME.
Keep in mind, Mitt supports Bush/Cheney's foreign policy and vice versa, therefore Mitt will bring back the Bush years of foreign policy, where war is always the answer.

I sure hope Obama returns fire on this. Mitt should be ashamed of himself.

Romney's full speech, accusing Obama of putting the nation at risk for personal gain: