Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mormon and Roman Catholic Church Influence Boy Scouts Ban on Gay People

The Boy Scouts reaffirmed their exclusion of gay people from their group today. Clearly, the Boy Scouts believes its something special, when in reality it's discriminating against a group of people. Want to hate people under the guise of god? Get organized religion. The rising influence of the Mormon Church led to the reaffirmation today.
One group in particular, the Mormon Church, has a strong influence within the organization, he points out, primarily because the church requires Boy Scout participation for members of its own youth ministry. While Mormons represent roughly two percent of the US population, he adds, they make up 12 percent of the Boy Scouts, and Mormon churches sponsor some 23 percent of BSA troops.

The group’s decision to adopt a divisive policy is particularly unfortunate for troops in hard-hit inner cities, points out Koppelman. CSM