Monday, July 23, 2012

Romney Twists Australian Official's Remarks

In attempt to puff himself up, Romney twists the words of an Australian official to say the US is in decline (and therefore Obama has to go). I guess Romney thinks if foreign officials say that America is in decline, then it is. Is that why he keeps his stash overseas?

Turns out Australia's foreign minister didn't say what Romney said he said. Not too good a start for Romney, who begins his foreign policy tour Wednesday, heading to London.

Was something lost in translation? Mitt Romney told a group of California donors that the foreign minister of Australia warned him there is talk abroad that America is “in decline” - but the Aussie official says that’s not what he meant. Romney met with Foreign Minister Bob Carr at the same San Francisco hotel where 250 donors paid up to $50,000 to rub elbows with the Republican candidate Sunday night.


But after Romney’s remarks made headlines, Carr’s spokesman suggested that the foreign minister did not intend to wade into a major ally’s presidential debate. He said Carr had only meant to express his confidence in the U.S. economy and not undermine it. “That interpretation is not correct,” the spokesman said of Romney’s comments to the National Times of Australia.

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