Sunday, July 15, 2012

Romney Calculated the Costs of Releasing His Returns are Higher

On This Week, conservative George Will says Romney has something to hide. Will says Romney's not releasing his tax returns because he's calculated the risk of doing so is higher than not releasing them.

If I had to guess what Romney is hiding, I'd say mega wealth beyond the $300 million estimates of his net worth. I'd say he's used plenty of loopholes. He still hasn't answered WHY he has offshore accounts. I'd say there are probably a bunch of little things he'd have to take a lot of time explaining to people and he doesn't want to do that.
Mitt doesn't have the fire in the belly needed to be president. He's too used to breathing rarified air.

Also, news to the republicans, Obama doesn't have a failed record. He's been busy cleaning up the mess you all left behind and has done a darned good job of it.

Kelly Ayotte, a possible vice presidential candidate was speaking on behalf of Mitt this morning because Mitt is vacationing at his 13 acre spread in New Hampshire. You have to wonder why Mitt wasn't on the Sunday political shows explaining Bain himself.

Stephanie Cutter is an excellent explainer of things and she seems genuinely passionate:

Conservative Bill Kristol says Mitt needs to take the hit and release his tax returns: