Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ann Romney: We've Given All You People Need to Know

Clearly, the Romneys are more special than we people knew. If the Romneys show themselves, then we can move on to other issues. Ann Romney's full ABC interview. Most of us peons out here say that Romney should release more tax returns.
Ann says that they donate 10% to the Mormon Church. Two questions: Is the Mormon church a charity? What does the church do with all the required 10% tithing.

Hey Ann Romney, what's beneath the dignity of the presidency is the candidate blatantly lying about what the coach said:

The republican shenanigans have escalated to fill in for Romney's weak campaign. There are too many accounts to do separate blog posts, so here's some of the nonsense:

Marco Rubio tweets that Obama sounds like a third world leftist leader. (I guess he's off the vp list. He was only a contender while Mitt was faring okay. Now that Mitt is bombing he needs someone already pretty well vetted. Think Tim Pawlenty)

Republicans especially like to make fools of themselves at fairs, it seems.

Michele Bachmann disgraced herself. She should be kicked off the intelligence committee.