Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fact Check: Romney Lying About Crony Capitalism Claim

Romney's campaign is sooooooo weak, it has to make stuff up. In fact, if there's anyone guilty of crony capitalism. It's Romney, who appointed almost all donors to his administration in 2006.
Hoping to turn attention away from questions about his departure from Bain Capital a decade ago, Mitt Romney this week has sought to focus attention on what he calls President Obama’s “crony capitalism.” We have dealt with this charge before, but this week it seems the Romney campaign has upped the ante, trying to make a connection between the president’s contributors and the president’s policies. Read the facts. WaPo gives Romney four Pinocchios. 
While uncovering the facts on Romney's lie, WaPo discovered that Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman (and failed California gubernatorial candidate) donated $100,000 to Romney:
The contributions database at shows that Lane contributes to some Democrats but mostly Republicans — and he gave money to Rudolph Giuliani and John McCain in 2008, not Barack Obama or other Democrats running for president. He also contributed to George W. Bush in 2003 and Bob Dole in 1995. (However, he has praised the Obama administration for its willingness to back alternative energy ventures, saying it would be “silly” to think an automobile company could be created without government help.)

And speaking of Kleiner partners, a $100,000 contributor to Romney’s SuperPAC Restore Our Future is Meg Whitman, the database shows.