Friday, July 13, 2012

Romney Says Obama is a Meanie Demands Apology

On Twitter, LOLGOP points out the irony of the guy who wrote "No Apologies" asking for an apology.
Another good tweet from NYT's Charles Blow:
Romney's line seems 2b that Obama is debasing the office of the POTUS even though Repubs have been debasing that office since Obama took it

Read the transcript of ABC's interview with Romney. It was a softball. Romney is good at saying a whole lot of nothing. Despite being interviewed by several media, we know nothing new.

Jonathan Karl asked questions about **Olympic uniforms and Condi, when everyone should know that feeding the Condi-as-VP to Drudge was the Romney camp's attempt at diverting attention from Bain.

In all the interviews I've ever seen, Condi Rice has always expressed no interest in being VP and no interest in politics in general. I wonder if she supported being used by the Romney camp.

Unanswered is why he was listed in active roles -- chief executive -- when he says he didn't have an active role at Bain. Also unanswered is if he's ashamed at what Bain did after 1999. Also unanswered is why Romney has offshore accounts and whether he's going to release his tax returns. I'll post the other interviews when they're up.

Oddly enough, Rudy Giuliani tries to defend Romney by saying Mitt's only job at Bain was to make money for investors.

KARL: So you don't disavow what happened at the company, that they may have done things that were wrong, not wrong that you had nothing to do with. would there be something with being associated with Bain Capital during those years?

ROMNEY: I had no association with the management of Bain Capital after February of 1999. That is when I left the firm. I am very pleased with the experience I had with the firm but as everyone knows I went on to run the Olympics for three years I was there full time after that I came back and ran in Massachusetts for governor. I had no role with regards to Bain Capital after February 1999.

I admit, I have an allergic reaction to Mitt. All I see in his face and body language is insincerity and smugness.

Read the full CBS News interview here.

**Update July 14: Apparently, Romney didn't wade into the Olympic uniform question because when he managed the Olympics, the uniforms were made in Canada.

NBC gave it a whirl: