Friday, February 19, 2010

Michelle Obama Visits Philly Grocery Store - Video

Michelle Obama's remarks at Fairhill Elementary School in Philadelphia:

Visit Let's Move.

Visit Let's Move.

Timothy Geithner in tow:
The first lady, accompanied by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, greeted the workers, telling them, “You guys are great.”

The first lady said that she “didn’t think many Treasury Secretaries can claim childhood obesity as part of their portfolio.”

“It’s pretty cool to have your husband’s Treasury Secretary enthusiastically as part of this imitative,” she said. “So I salute you.”

Obama made her way down the aisles to the fruit smoothie machine, where she ordered a strawberry-banana smoothie.

“I have my own money,” she told a worker, pulling out a $20 bill to pay for it. Politico