Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Healthcare Meeting Feb. 25, 10 am Eastern Live Stream

Update Feb. 25, 1 pm eastern: Taking a break for a House vote. They'll be back streaming live below at 1:45 pm.

The republicans have been hyperventilating and stomping their feet, saying they want to start over on healthcare. The democrats are still arguing among themselves. Ideologue Dennis Kucinich won't vote for the healthcare plan. The media has already pronounced health reform dead. Obama has a lot of egos to overcome at tomorrow's meeting. Too bad they can't just put on jeans, sit in a circle on the floor, eat PB&J and apple slices and hammer out a plan.
Apparently, the meeting could run six hours. They should just agree to stay in the room until a bill is produced. Watch live here at 10 am eastern or go to There's also a live stream at MSNBC and at CSPAN:

Until then, we're No. 37!: