Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bipartisan Healthcare Meeting Feb. 25 Video

Update: Session over. Obama sums up by saying that there are some major philosophical differences between the republicans and democrats. He says the democrats will NOT start over and that reform CAN'T happen incrementally. He said much of what the republicans talked about were already in the bills.
Essentially, he made it clear that republicans have to choose if they're in or they're out. If they're out, it's up to the democrats. This meeting was a good exercise because the dems got to oppose the republicans rather than themselves. I feel somewhat optimistic that reform can happen, unless the democrats start arguing over the public option again.
For the republicans' part, they made it perfectly clear that they're not interested in health reform. Eric Cantor said it early on: It's a money thing. Republicans think it costs too much.
This is part one of the six-hour meetup:

Part 2: