Sunday, February 21, 2010

David Petraeus on Meet the Press Feb. 21 Video

Wannabe president Tim Pawlenty is also on the show. Pawlenty says republicans are reformed and ready to govern. Anyone who falls for that is out of their mind.
Pawlenty criticizes the stimulus, saying government doesn't grow the economy. Well, he and Obama agree. Obama never says government grows the economy. He ALWAYS says it's small business, the private sector that grows the economy. Obama says government can help create an environment where business grows.
Pawlenty will never win the republican nomination. He's too much of a follower. That can be gleaned from his answers about climate change and god being in charge.
Mike Pence is part of the roundtable. He's just a liar. Peggy Noonan is a fine writer, but please, get her off the roundtable.
Interesting point by E. J. Dionne: Ron Paul won CPAC straw poll but who got the most press?
This is the full episdode:

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