Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rick Warren on Meet the Press Nov. 29

An interesting conversation with Rick Warren:
Rick Warren, a human being, contradicts himself and he is, no doubt, right wing.
He says that he loves everyone and yet he takes a stand against gay people. That's because Warren's bible tells him to.
He says Obama should be focused on jobs, yet Warren is not an economist.
Obama is focused on jobs. I don't understand it when people say Obama should be focused on jobs. Exactly what is it that people want Obama to do, personally hand out jobs. Actually, the government has handed out plenty of jobs and has allowed for people to keep their jobs.
The way to create jobs is to lift the economy.
Who creates jobs? People do. People create jobs by starting business and by buying things.
The fact of the matter is people are buying less because they have less money and banks are lending less. People can no longer tap their home equity to buy that car--and that's a good thing.
Therefore businesses aren't making as much stuff and so there are fewer jobs.
Obama is trying to tackle that issue in the long run by setting up our economy to transition to a green economy. That's what China is doing.
In the short term, there isn't a whole lot Obama can do to create jobs. He's already enacted the stimulus, after much opposition.
Warren talks about healthcare and poverty abroad, but what about in our own backyard. He doesn't seem to be as fervent about that. I like his stance on caring for the whole life in addition to caring about the unborn.
Religious types don't realize that if they fix some of the other issues, such as poverty and if they strengthen adoption and foster care and do any number of things to care about people once they're born, then that will slow abortion. Most women and girls get abortions because they don't have the wherewithal to care for a child. For some people, life is just brutal. They have no support and they're horribly abused. It's hypocritical to care about the unborn and not care about the born.
Also, healthcare is a right. At the very least, people should not be dying in THIS COUNTRY because they don't have healthcare. Not caring about the born is just as immoral as not caring about the unborn.
I like what Warren has to say about Muslims, but why doesn't he speak out against the hatred of Muslims in this country by many so-called Christians?