Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dick Still Trying To Defend His Miserable Vice Presidency

On Morning Joe (see video below), Joe Scarborough gets a dig in saying that Obama has delayed the decision on Afghanistan (which by the way is coming Dec. 1) because he doesn't want to make one. Are people really that stupid? Why can't anyone understand the enormity of engaging in war? Obama actually asked for an exit strategy. He asked for "off ramps" if things aren't going well.
By having these war council meetings he made everyone accountable and aware of what's at stake.
Escalating war in Afghanistan makes me sick because Hamid Karzai is a despicably corrupt man and Stanley McChrystal should've been fired for insubordination.
Making things worse, Dick has emerged from Hell again and is saying that the reason Obama is taking a long time to make a decision is because he's inexperienced. Even if that were true, it isn't something to be saying.
If he really believed it, then he ought to have the decency to approach the Obama administration in a helpful and non combative way. But that's not what we've got here. We have a little competition going on with a meek Dick Cheney being shown up by a competent man with real power.
Dick can't stand it. He can't stand the fact that the U.S. is taking on a diplomatic role in the world. That's not the way Dick ticks. Dick is the playground bully who believes that powerful nations dominate. Obama and Dick are so very opposite.
Dick would never ever think to reckon with the fact that he nearly destroyed our country, so he's out at every chance blaming Obama. Dick isn't the thoughtful, contemplative sort. Dick is an old fashioned, neo conservative war monger. Dick is out of date. He's what the country was. He's just in the way.
The irony of it all is not only does the Obama administration have to put up with Dick, it's out there cleaning up Dick's mess at every turn.
Dick is like Sarah Palin. Neither know their own ignorance. Dick and Palin are both made up mostly of ego, cut from the same cloth. They both operate on gut because they think they're entirely right about everything. Their boldness compensates for thoughtful consideration. They are two peas in a pod.
Like Sarah, Dick is a danger because he incites wingnuts to stupidity. Dick needs to shut his pie hole.
The Morning Joe team takes the White House to task this morning. The way they tell it, Obama is the worst president ever. Not even Gayle King, an Obama supporter, makes a good argument. Everyone is buying the media narrative: