Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wingnuts Trying to Prove Obama a Terrorist Sympathizer

This is why the wingnuts have been so anxious to label Fort Hood a terrorist attack-- so that they can blame Obama for a terrorist attack on "our soil" and insinuate that it's the Obama presidency that is encouraging terrorists and that Obama is a terrorist sympathizer. I get it now. Took me long enough. Whew. That's a grand leap that wingnuts are making, but I see how wingnuts perceive it this way, especially since most wingnuts think Obama is Muslim and the other core wingnut belief is that Islam is an evil religion. Only Christians are good, according to them. Does anyone see the irony? I think Dana Perino knows better. She's just playing politics, exploiting wingnuts, a meek group of conspiracists. I could be wrong. She might be a full fledged wingnut. The difference between a republican and a democrat? Republicans are absolutely ruthless. They'll use whatever means for political ends. They'll sign on to any bandwagon so long as it serves their purpose.