Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sarah Palin to Headline Tea Party Nation Convention

There is the Tea Party Express and the Tea Party Patriots and now, the Tea Party Nation.

As conservatives and wingnuts try to define themselves, they're moving into different tea party camps. There are legit conservatives, who aren't birthers or conspiracists, and then there are the wingnuts. Glenn Beck is shaking out to be the leader of the wingnuts. I'm not sure which tea party he is aligning with, but i think it's safe to say that as Beck takes up more of a leadership role, it would be realistic to call him a cult leader. Essentially, we have the makings of a cult here.

I haven't figured out which tea party is which, but the tea party groups appear to be varying shades of birthers, who claim to be Constitutionalists, and in favor of low taxes, but also have the core belief that Obama is changing "white culture" and therefore, the nation. It also appears that more conservatives are buying into the birther movement, which says Obama is a Muslim and a terrorist sympathizer, and that the legit conservatives haven't found a group to belong to.
Sarah Palin will be the main attraction at what's being billed as the "First National Tea Party Convention."

Tea Party Nation announced Wednesday that last year's Republican vice presidential candidate will serve as keynote speaker for the conference, scheduled to take place in Nashville, Tennessee February 4-6. A representative for Palin has not confirmed the former Alaska governor's speaking role at the gathering.

The group also announced that Rep. Michele Bachmann will be speaking at the gathering as well. The Minnesota Republican has become a hero among many in the conservative movement. A representative for Bachmann confirms her speaking role. CNN