Thursday, November 19, 2009

Timothy Geithner Gets Testy With Conservative

It needs to be better communicated that the Bush administration and republican leadership caused MOST of the problems that Obama is dealing with. They want to destroy the economy and fix it. Ha! Republicans have a lot of gall and short memories. That's why Obama needs to keep reminding everyone that it was under republican watch that our economy melted down.
Of course, everyone on both the left and the right hate Geithner for their own special reasons. That probably means Geithner's done a pretty good job. In fact, most economists say that he has.
Conservative representative Kevin Brady of Texas (of course) asks Geithner if he's going to step down. What I wonder is what our republican congressional leaders do all day? They certainly aren't part of the solution. They only seem to operate from a political perch:

Republican representative Michael Burgess of Texas questions Geithner:

Sen. Dick Lugar, republican from Indiana, discusses international finance with Geithner: