Sunday, November 22, 2009

Patrick Kennedy Denied Catholic Communion

Kennedy is denied communion because of his stance on abortion. The Catholic Church is adhering to its principles, which is admirable.
But its principles are outdated and impractical for today's world. What is the purpose of religion anyway? It seems that it only causes war. It divides people. It gives people the ego and the self-righteousness to preach but not practice.
I understand the opposition to abortion. I understand why people believe that it is a mass killing of babies.
But what good does it do to take a stance against abortion but not do anything to help pregnant teens or strengthen the adoption system, or to encourage fathers to participate more in child rearing, or do any number of things that would give people a better option to abortion? Focusing on the elimination of poverty would be the single most effective thing the church could do to end abortion. The Catholic Church only seems preachy. The church, and religion in general, would rather be right than actually solve problems.