Monday, November 30, 2009

Michael Moore's Pitiful Letter To Obama

I see now why the right thinks the left is foolish. Michael Moore's accusatory letter condemning Obama for his soon to be announced Afghanistan plan (tomorrow), is rather naive and arrogant. He tells Obama to be his mother's son:
Tonight we still have hope.

Tomorrow, we shall see. The ball is in your court. You DON'T have to do this. You can be a profile in courage. You can be your mother's son.
I think Obama's mother would be proud.

Unlike many supporters who've bailed on Obama because Obama isn't doing exactly what they want, I will continue to support Obama, despite the fact that I don't like some of his choices, such as escalating the war in Afghanistan. I trust that he's got the nation's best interests in mind, not my interests, not the left's, not the right's but the nation as a whole.

I voted for Obama because he's smart, empathetic, worldly and good. I trust his judgement. I trust that he knows things that I don't know and that he will make the best decision for the country, as opposed to making decisions for political ends. Obama has always said he'd be fine as a one-term president. I believe him. I know he's not in pursuit of power. I believe he's done his very best so far. He certainly is the hardest working president that I've ever known.

Obama's opposers on the right are plain wicked. Most have political motives and others are the ignorant Sarah Palin type of haters, those who profess to be Christians but are merely ignorant bigots. They are people who hate viscerally for reasons other than what they say. Whenever I hear the word "socialism" I know exactly what they mean.

I wish people on the left would think twice when they're criticizing Obama. He really gets enough of it from the right. Obama needs our support. I'm not talking about being a mindless fan of the president. We should always debate and discuss. But the kind of criticism that Michael Moore lobs at Obama is self serving. Obama isn't going to do everything that YOU want. He serves the WHOLE country.