Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sessions and Leahy Debate Sotomayor on Meet the Press

Republicans just don't get it.
And Rush Limbaugh is ruining politics, or rather the media is ruining politics by giving him a platform. I guess maybe it's republicans who are ruining politics choosing Rush as their guy. Who shares his views? Very very few. Many people just listen to him because they love to hate him. I'm tired of seeing clips of Limbaugh. His opinion is worthless.
Republicans really lost this battle. Sotomayor has enough votes to be confirmed. They should've just taken the higher road. Calling Sotomayor a racist is just sickening to me.
Jeff Sessions agrees with Rush. He just wouldn't use the word "racist." Watch that in the first clip. David Gregory didn't catch what Sessions meant. He kept asking the question over and over.
Sessions doesn't get what empathy means. That word really threw everyone for a loop. It simply means someone other than a white guy will be making important decisions on behalf of the nation. In order to achieve justice and fairness, you need to have diverse people representing. This "justice is blind" stuff is crap. We all know justice isn't blind. Blind justice is THE IDEAL but until we're ALL EQUAL, justice can't be equal. Empathy is an advantage on the court, not a negative, because only empathy aspires to fairness. I think Obama realizes that most Americans get it.