Friday, May 29, 2009

Reporter Dragged Away Kicking From Air Force One

Brenda Lee, an Orange County, Calif. resident and reporter for the Georgia Informer, wanted to give Obama a letter railing against same sex marriage.
She says she was carried away because she's a woman and she's black. Hello? She sat down on the ground and protested. Read her letter here. Just another person using religion as a weapon of hate:
Same sex marriage is a GOD ISSUE not a Civil Right Issue. The pursuit of happiness and safety in the context of the law protects the human race not only individuals. GOD’S WRATHS, Aids and VD threatens the population at large. There has never been and never will be total happiness.
If only people practiced what their respective religions taught, we'd live in a wonderful world. Most of the world's conflicts are caused by people twisting and distorting religion for their own purposes. Ms. Lee is a hateful person. It's representatives like her that make people turn away from organized religion. I hope her White House credentials are pulled.