Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jon Stewart Puts His Spin On Obama Cheney Speeches

Jon Stewart starts by poking fun at the media's gleefulness that the speeches were on the same day and nearly at the same time! 
If you're like me and couldn't bear to watch the grumpy and irrelevant man growl, this is a good way to watch the speech. Who didn't already know what he was going to say?
If you ask me, Cheney is playing the ultimate fear mongering game with the American people. He's setting us up, psychologically, to say I told you so, in the event of another terrorist attack. It's clear to me, given the fact that too many Americans believe that torture is okay, Americans are still susceptible to fear mongering. Our troops may be brave but as a people, we've proven not so much. Many of us have realized we were bombarded with fear tactics for 8 long years, but many are still fearful. If there ever is a terrorist attack, you can count on republicans to use it to their advantage to try and resuscitate their weak little party.  
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