Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let the Sotomayor Games Begin!

Can you believe controversies of all sorts are already swirling? People were armed and ready. Know that the republicans said they were going to be trolls even before Obama made his pick.
I've also heard people say she isn't Hispanic enough because she's Puerto Rican, not Mexican. Oh bother.
I'm not going to pay attention to all of this "controversy" here on out because in the end (unless she hasn't paid back taxes or some other skeleton pops up), she will be confirmed. So what's the point?

Anita Dunn will be pushing Sotomayor's confirmation:

Watch more controversy here.
Listen to Sen. Orrin Hatch vent his fears.
Watch a conservative call her "radical" and "not that smart."
At least Bob Schieffer approves.