Saturday, May 23, 2009

Obama's C-SPAN Interview Video

Obama gives an example of "empathy" (one of the things Obama wants in a judge), citing the Lilly Ledbetter case.
In her case, Ledbetter was obviously wronged by Goodyear. For years she wasn't paid on par with her male counterparts.
But the judges ruled against her saying she didn't file a case soon enough. But since salaries were kept private, Ledbetter didn't know she was underpaid. Except for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and three others, the judges ruled against Ledbetter. Was justice done? Was the person who was wronged made whole? No. Ginsberg had enough empathy (as a woman) to know who was wronging who.
Even when unequal pay is discovered, she wrote, women may be reluctant to go to federal court over small amounts: "An employee like Ledbetter, trying to succeed in a male-dominated workplace, in a job filled only by men before she was hired, understandably may be anxious to avoid making waves."

Ginsburg's empathetic statement added that "the same denial of relief" would apply to those alleging discrimination based on race, religion, age, national origin or disability. WaPo
Ledbetter inspired Obama's equal pay bill.
Obama also says the Obamas think of themselves like any other family. The White House has been terrific for family life, he said. "We also happen to be blessed by two almost perfect children."
He calls the presidency a great privilege.