Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wooing Obama With Pie

Sweet potato pie.
Pie makers in DC know that Obama likes sweet potato pie -- anyone who paid attention during the election surely heard Obama's pie story -- and they're competing to be Obama's pie supply.
Root: If it's sweet potato pie that Barack Obama wants, then it is sweet potato pie that Barack Obama must have.

There are people who know this, and right now, in an obscure storefront in D.C.'s U Street corridor, these people are plotting and planning their own presidential domination. They want to conquer President-elect Obama, one slice at a time.

"My No. 1 job is to [woo] Obama," says Jermaine Smith, president of Henry's Soul Café. "And it's going to be as easy as giving him a slice."

"I don't think it'll take a slice," his sister, Henrietta Smith-Davis, manager of operations, says.
Walk into Henry's Soul Café right now, right before Thanksgiving, and you'll see folks lining up to partake of those legendary pies. Folks who thought ahead and called in their holiday orders and folks who didn't but are hoping that fate will intervene and grant them a pie—or two. (The Smiths sell around 10,000 pies each Thanksgiving, from D.C. to California to China.) But even if they are turned away, there's always the Smiths' "Pie in a Kit," to be obtained for $27 on their Web site.