Wednesday, November 19, 2008

GM Could Boost Business With Obamamobile

This is kind of tongue in cheek. Kind of. Obama is boosting businesses that sell Obama-related stuff:
CNN: GM has a ready-made solution. The company did away with its Oldsmobile line four years ago, because the brand had become unfashionable. Just bring it back and, with the incoming president's permission, call it the Obamamobile. The way things are going these days in the Obama business, the highways would soon be jammed with them. Foreign carmakers would cower.

Obama has already demonstrated his ability to be a one-man stimulus package. The newspaper business, which has been hearing mournful news about itself for so long that it has started to half-believe it lives under a permanent cloud, was caught by surprise when readers began lining up the day after the presidential election, clamoring to purchase sold-out copies of the “Obama Wins” editions. Those three beautiful words were uttered at newspaper plants across the U.S.: “Start the presses!”

Same with the book-publishing business. There have been predictions that this will be a dreary holiday season for booksellers, but a bright spot is turning out to be books about (and by) Obama– books that are already in the stores, and yet-to-be-written books whose authors are fervidly being signed to contracts.

Etsy has some great crafty Obama things and obamaartreport has tons of Obama art and tees for sale.